Quality Engineering


Software testing is a sport

Ensure the quality and reliability of your software applications with our comprehensive testing services. Our team of experts uses industry-leading testing methodologies and tools to identify defects, vulnerabilities, and performance issues in your applications. With our testing services, you can improve the user experience, reduce the risk of downtime and security breaches, and ensure compliance with industry standards. Contact us to learn how our testing services can help you deliver high-quality software applications.


Application & Product Testing

Our application and product testing services are designed to validate the functionality, performance, and usability of your software applications. We conduct thorough testing throughout the software development life cycle, from initial requirements gathering to final release.


Specialized Testing

In addition to standard application testing, we offer specialized testing services tailored to specific needs and requirements. This includes performance testing, security testing, mobile testing, usability testing, and compatibility testing.


Managed Testing

Our managed testing services provide end-to-end testing solutions, allowing you to offload the burden of testing and focus on your core business activities. Our experienced testing professionals take care of the entire testing process, from test planning and execution to defect management and reporting.


Compliance Validation

Compliance validation is crucial for software applications operating in regulated industries or handling sensitive data. Our compliance validation services ensure that your applications adhere to industry standards, regulations, and best practices.


Quality Consulting

Our quality consulting services help you establish a culture of quality throughout your software development process. We provide guidance and expertise to optimize your testing strategies, streamline your QA processes, and implement best practices.

Deliver Quality Product Faster, Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency!

Every business or organization struggles with the challenge of achieving more with less resources. Facing this challenge needs intelligence and ability to use technology effectively and in the right way. This continuous need to perform complex tasks made software developers come up with automated operations software. The leveraging of automation churned out significant advantages like cost savings, improved productivity, availability, reliability, and performance.

Our Services:

Oorvi Systems has developed in-depth expertise in innovating automation. Our specialized teams have sharp skills in the areas of Service-oriented Architecture (SOA)/Web Services, Mobile, and cloud application testing. Our agile and nimble team of engineers are specialized in performance, security, and usability testing, and hold the ability to handle complex manual QA tasks.