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Unlock Bot-Power!!

Unlock the full potential of your business processes with our intelligent automation services. Our team of experts leverages the latest AI and ML technologies to automate repetitive, rules-based tasks, freeing up your employees to focus on higher-level work. By implementing intelligent automation solutions, you can achieve significant efficiency gains, reduce costs, and improve business agility. Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and processes, ensuring a smooth transition to automated operations. Contact us to learn how our intelligent automation services can transform your business.


Robotic Process Automation

RPA offers a cost-effective and efficient way for organizations to automate their processes. With RPA, businesses can achieve a high return on investment from the outset while minimizing the time and resources needed. Our comprehensive RPA services cover everything from initial consultation and pilot testing to full-scale RPA implementation and ongoing bot support, enabling organizations to fully leverage this cutting-edge technology without any disruption to their existing systems.

Low Code Automation

Low Code Automation platforms empower users to develop custom solutions in a timely manner, precisely when they are needed. Our approach involves utilizing Power Platform to deliver Low Code automation solutions that facilitate rapid workflow automation, streamline business logic, and provide seamless process integration. With Low Code platforms, Intelligent Automation becomes possible, as they enable automation builders to exercise greater flexibility in the automation process, regardless of their coding abilities.


No Code Automation

Implementing an innovative No-Code solution has the potential to revolutionize your business experience and yield instant ROI maximization. Our No-code automation solution enables business users to swiftly construct intricate business applications without any coding, leveraging a simple point-and-click configuration instead of time-consuming custom coding. With our powerful web apps, citizen developers can manage business processes through Intelligent Automation, free from any IT dependencies.

Test Automation

In an interconnected ecosystem where software plays an increasingly crucial role in facilitating human interactions, streamlining processes, and advancing businesses, ensuring a superior user experience across all points of engagement is imperative. Our cutting-edge test automation platform, powered by AI and requiring no coding, empowers organizations to reduce expenses, optimize testing, and accelerate the deployment of top-notch software. Our solution offers data-driven, parallel, and localized testing capabilities, making it an ideal choice for testing any enterprise-grade software.



In the current era of digital transformation, organizations striving to stay ahead of the competition are embracing intelligent automation as a powerful tool. The convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intelligent Automation has revolutionized customer support with conversational AI and transformed the way business transactions are conducted. We specialize in facilitating the integration of intelligence throughout your organization, ensuring that AI and Machine Learning (ML) are harnessed in a manner that generates maximum value for your business.


Why choose Oorvi’s Smart Automation services?

  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Improved accuracy
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Scalability

Our automation services help businesses reduce manual work, minimize errors, and increase efficiency. By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, businesses can free up their employees' time to focus on more strategic and value-added activities.

By automating workflows, businesses can reduce their operating costs and improve their bottom line. Automation reduces the need for manual labor, which can lead to significant cost savings over time.

Automation services also improve accuracy and consistency, reducing the risk of errors and improving the quality of output. This is particularly important in industries where accuracy is critical, such as healthcare or finance.

By automating processes and reducing turnaround times, businesses can provide a better customer experience. Faster and more accurate processing of customer requests and inquiries can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our automation solutions are designed to be scalable, allowing businesses to handle increased volumes of work without the need to hire additional staff or invest in additional infrastructure.